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Pilates: One Size Does Not Fit All or How to Teach Pilates Effectively to Different Body Types

  • The Pilates Movement Studio 3300 Bee Cave Road, Suite 745 Austin, TX, 78746 (map)

Body types are often referred to in fruit metaphors – apple, banana, or pear shaped. Or geometric forms such as rectangles, triangles, and circles. Or odd scientific terms such as mesomorph, ectomorph, and endomorph. However, the variations in the human body's design are much more diverse and complicated than that. In Pilates our mission is to help 'uniformly develop' the body – to bring it into ideal balance and alignment so it can move with ultimate efficiency and effectiveness, enabling detoxification and reoxygenation through unhindered circulation.

Regardless of both genetic programming and lifestyle issues, it is possible to enable any body to be more uniformly developed through Pilates. However, this doesn't happen automatically simply by teaching them to do the exercises. It requires that the teacher truly acknowledge all the essential facts about the body in front of her/him, and realize that the Pilates exercises will need to be adapted in such a way that they will very purposefully accommodate all physical inconsistencies. Proportions of weight, height and length, as well as relative tightness and flexibility, as well as male/female differences in distribution of mass will all need to be taken into consideration. It's basically a physics problem. How do we make the Pilates exercises fit each person's unique design to help achieve our ultimate goal – uniform development?

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